Robots, expert advisers, and other automatic Forex trading systems have recently become very popular. It is important to understand that no robots can ever replace a person completely. It’s just like an autopilot, it can hold on the heading, but only a person takes off and lands a plane. The same thing happens in Forex market, any fully automatized system is doomed. It’s not a coincidence that you can find numerous websites offering different experts and advisers. What prevents them from using their own tools to earn money? What makes our website unique is that we ourselves have been trading on this platform and earning money with our signals for several years. Now we are offering You to receive a stable income together with our specialists.

Forex free signal benefits

A team of professional traders

Trading signals service “Takefxsignal” was created in 2013 by a team of professional traders earning their living in foreign exchange and stock markets.
It allows us to offer You high-quality trading signals so that You can start earning together with us in Forex market.
Takexfxsignal presents Forex market trading signals by combining fundamental macroeconomic news with Elliot technical wave analysis, which allows us to consider all possible factors influencing Forex market.
It should be noted that we ourselves trade with our signals, i.e. You obtain a really operating tool that proves its viability every day. You should remain on edge when trading in a market – each mistake costs money, and an active trader knows it all too well.
Our Forex trading signals can be helpful for anybody from newbies making their first steps in the market to experienced professionals who have an eye for all market nuances and are perfectly aware of their goals while trading in Forex, namely, to get maximum profit with minimum risks.

Why choose our trading signals?

  • You can earn in an international exchange market
  • You spend only about 15 minutes per day on trading
  • Signals are created by a professional traders’ team
  • We work only with reliable brokers
  • You get signals for over 20 currency pairs, precious metals, and energy
  • Our signals statistics is transparent
  • It is quite easy to learn profitable trading with signals
  • You get an access to a unique trade floor with a clear and convenient interface
  • All the signals are duplicated via sms

By opening an order for 1 standard lot with our signals You could earn:

Would you like to get a demo access to our signals?

Indicate your phone number in an international format, You will receive Forex signals via text messages. Before sending your information, check if You have done everything correctly.

We will contact You by phone as soon as possible and allow You access to Forex signals via sms for 1 trading day.

Trading conditions are known to differ significantly from one company to another. All the details matter in Forex, that is why You have to find out what conditions your broker can set up – spread, commissions, leverage, swaps, execution type, etc. Our trading signals are always given considering the spreads of our recommended broker Trade-24. Signal statistics is also made by partner’s quotes. Thus, by opening a trading account in Trade-24, You will get the best order execution, tight spreads, no commissions, Your profit will be commensurate with that we have declared.

How to trade on our signals presents Forex trading signals 5 days per week (Monday to Friday) from 08-00 to 19-00 (GMT).
To avoid missing a new signal appearance we recommend You to keep your trade floor web page open and set it up to get sound notices.
Right after subscribing to our service, You will be emailed login and password to access a trading floor, where all our Forex trading signals will come. You should enter the access information into the login window.
Takefxsignal Forex signals are as follows:

if a new signal is green, You should open a new position to purchase an asset (BUY). The red color is a signal to sell it (SELL).

All our Forex signals are also duplicated through sms. You will get each signal appearing on the trading floor on your phone in the following format:

Смс сигналы

There are two main types of signals – Market Order and Limit Order. If You have received a Market Order signal, You should open a position at a current price. You should do as soon as possible to avoid a drastic change of the currency pair price, otherwise, You could lose a part of your profit.

If You see a Limit Order signal on the trading floor, you should set a pending order at an input price indicated in the signal.
There are 4 options to set a pending order if You use trading terminal MT4.
1. If You have received a signal to set a limit order to buy at a higher price than the current one, select BUY STOP
2. If You have received a signal to set a limit order to buy at a lower price than the current one, select BUY LIMIT
3. If You have received a signal to set a limit order to sell at a lower price than the current one, select SELL STOP
4. If You have received a signal to set a limit order to sell at a higher price than the current one, select SELL LIMIT
You will sometimes receive a cancellation of trading signals. It refers only to pending orders (Limit Order) which haven’t reached their set input price, but the market situation has changed. So You should just cancel previously pending orders.

In addition to an open price, we indicate recommended take-profit level and a stop-loss level in each trading signal.
It is very important to set take-profit and stop-loss for each position opened, as it is a necessary condition for getting profit with trading signals!

You also have an information window “Message for users” in the trading floor. Through that window, the site administration will send You messages about important economic news, days off in foreign exchanges, special offers, and events run by Takefxsignal service and other necessary information.

Would you like to get a demo access to our signals?

Indicate your phone number in an international format, You will receive Forex signals via text messages. Before sending your information, check if You have done everything correctly.

We will contact You by phone as soon as possible and allow You access to Forex signals via sms for 1 trading day.

A unique trading floor

After subscribing to our trading signals, You have access to our unique trading floor, where you can get Forex trading signals online.

Торговые сигналы форекс

All our Forex signals appear online on the trading floor. Having a login and password, You can access it with your home or work laptop as well as any mobile gadget.

You will receive messages from the service administration regarding upcoming signals, important economic news, possible discount, events and other information there.

You can set up the trading floor so that a sound notice goes off each time a new signal appears. This way you will never miss a single trading signal and will be able to timely open positions at relevant prices.

Only 10% of traders can keep earning in a foreign exchange market over the long term. That is explained by improper finance management lack of clear market strategy and psychology. Each of these components is crucial for Your success, and You should always bear these factors in your mind. When trading with Takefxsignal signals, You lay out as much as 3% of your bank for one position and use our strategy, which has already been in operation for several years. Thus, You completely protect yourself from any psychological issues and breakdowns. Nothing could prevent You from joining these 10% of traders who are earning on forex with us.

Our clients’ feedback

It is a very good service, I am satisfied. I wish I could get more signals, meaning I could earn more. I am not a Forex specialist, I have a full-time employment. That’s why it is optimal for me just to open a position with my phone, and everything is OK. I don’t have to spend much time. Ansar, 38
Ansar, 38
I’ve been trading in Forex for a long time, and it is my main source of income. I signed up for trading signals. First, it’s an opportunity to get support for my own ideas concerning market situations. Most of all I open positions when my own strategy signals coincide with the signals sent. Making such a double selection, the percentage of transactions closed at profit makes me very happy. Oleg, 34
Oleg, 34
I have joined signals since Match 11 of this year. On March 11 I traded half a session. On March 12 -13 I tried a complete Order but only for 0.1 and 0.2 lots. $190 profit is quite good given I used to close on the first take-profit. I hope it’s going to continue this way. I am trading on Trade24. I couldn’t make a pending order today because the broker made a significant price deviation (180 points) to open a pending order. Sergey, 57
Sergey, 57
These signals are awesome, and the team is excellent! I get full and timely answers to all my questions. It is very convenient to receive signals via text messages, if I’m not at my laptop and have missed it, the text message will always repeat it. During the first month, I just tried it out by opening short positions for 0.1 lot, and I saw a great depo growth. Now the second month is finishing, I have recently made a depo for a significantly higher amount by opening 1 lot. Well, I advise everybody to try it! Konstantin Semin, 37
Konstantin Semin, 37

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The technical analysis is a powerful tool to track market price fluctuations, however, it is useless without a fundamental analysis. To determine a currency trend, You should have a general insight of the country economic growth, unemployment, inflation, Central Bank monetary policy and many other things. Only realizing the general currency trend, it is possible to use the technical analysis to select the most optimal trade entry point. Our trading signals are created considering all possible macroeconomic factors influencing currency pair fluctuations. Afterwards we apply a set of technical indicators allowing us to effectively implement the easiest market success formula, namely, “buy cheap-sell expensive”.

FAQ about Forex signals


What are Takefxsignal Forex trading signals?

We offer You to join our team of professional traders, whose main income source is Forex. Working together with us, You will get signals to buy or sell currency pairs during each trading session. By opening positions with our signals, You will be able to earn about 400-700 profit points per month in no time.

How much can I earn on your trading signals?

Your income will depend only on the volume of positions You open. Judging by the indicators for last five years, we can say that monthly average profit with our signals is 400-700 points. It means that each time You open a position for 0.1 standard lot, You can earn $400-700 per month. This volume is optimal for deposits up to $1000 and 1:200 or 1:400 leverage. If Your deposit is $10,000 and more, Your financial management allows You to open positions for 1 standard lot, i.e. Your income may be several thousand dollars per month.

How do I get trading signals?

After subscribing You get login and password to access a trading floor, where all our signals will appear. To avoid missing a signal, we recommend You to keep a trading floor web page constantly opened and set a sound notice of issuing a new signal. For further information on the trading floor, You are referred to the section “How to trade with our signals”.
Besides, all the signals are duplicated by sms. Thus, You won’t miss a signal, even if You can’t enter the trading floor.

How often are Forex signals issued?

Trading signals are issued from 08-00 to 19-00 (GMT) every day except Saturday and Sunday. The number of signals varies depending on the quantity of economic news and events taking place during the trading session. There are usually about 5-7 signals per day.

Where can I check signals statistics?

You can see the detailed statistical data on all trading signal at our website.

Can I trust your statistics?

Our statistics is absolutely transparent, each signal appearing on the trading floor is automatically displayed in our statistics section. The history of all signals is stored in a pivot monthly table. You can see complete statistics here.

Which broker to choose for trading?

Choosing a right broker is the key point for successful trading in Forex market. When choosing a broker, pay attention to the following factors– spread, commissions, leverage, trading platform, types of execution, account types and many other things. However, the most important factor You should consider is a broker’s reliability and reputation. It is these qualities that your trading results in Forex market depend on. On our behalf, we advise You to choose Trade-24 company, a reliable and trustworthy broker proven to be a successful company by working with millions of customers for many years. Working with Trade-24 You won’t face any incorrect order executions, gapping, delays of withdrawal and other abuse elements that dishonest dealing centers have been recently blamed for. Learn more about trading conditions offered by our recommended broker here

How do I subscribe to Takefxsignal Forex signals?

To get our trading signals You should open a trading account with the broker Trade-24 follow our partnerlink.. After you’ve registered, contact us. After You top up your account, You will get free signals for an unlimited period.

Can I get an additional consultation?

Yes, contact us by email, and we will be happy to consult You. Our customers can also get additional support on opening an account with a broker, receiving more favorable trading conditions, explaining some non-clear disputable moments in trading and many other things.

Would you like to get a demo access to our signals?